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You will never know what's going to happen at Westminster.

Barbara Lyons was
ready to leave Ny and head where you can Laguna Beach on Tuesday.
But then her Dalmatian, Grand Champion Spotlights Ruffian, aka Ian, was named top dog inside the nonsporting group.

"It's tremendous," Lyons said Tuesday night about
1 hour 30 minutes before the best-in-show judging was set to begin.

Ian won
best in breed ¡§C meaning he was top Dalmatian within the show ¡§C this past year at Westminster, Lyons said, but lost out in the best-of-group competition.

At conformation shows like Westminster, each
dog is associated with among seven groups: herding, hound, non-sporting, sporting, terrier, toy and. The winning dogs from each breed in a group compete against each other for best in group honors. The top seven dogs ¡§C one from each group ¡§C vie for your title of best in show.

The best in show ring is how Ian will be in approximately one hour. Asked what she thought her chances were, Lyons laughed and said, "One in seven."

She's got that right.

Non-sporting group winner Grand Champion Sporlights Ruffian, a Dalmatian from Laguna Beach
also known as Ian, and Ian's handler Michael Scott competed Tuesday for the best to become known as the winner of "America's Dog Show."
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Nicki Minaj has had a busy month, from performing with Madonna and M.I.A. at the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI halftime towards the 54th Annual Grammy Awards yesterday (Feb. 12).

When calling into Ryan Seacrest
today (Feb. 13), via Rap-Up, Minaj shared information on how her Grammy performance came to be. "I had this vision for Roman [Zolanski], I had this vision for him to become kind of exorcised -- or actually he never gets exorcised -- but people around him simply tell him that he isn't adequate because he's not normal, and he's not blending in with the typical Joe. And so his mother is scared and also the people around him are scared because they've never seen anything like him."

"He [Roman]
wanted to show that not just is he amazing and he's sure of himself and confident, but he's never gonna change, he's never destined to be exorcised. Even when they throw the holy water on him, he still rises above. That is what was portrayed," Minaj told Seacrest.

Minaj conitnued
to share it was the "most comfortable" she's ever been on stage. There's valid reason for your confidence too. "Roman Holiday" was so memorable, it also hooked Grammy producers in the first listen.

"The Grammys chose 'Roman Holiday.' The producers
of the Grammys found the studio and that i played them 'Roman Holiday,' and that i couldn't play them another record after they heard that," Minaj revealed. "They went crazy. I could have chosen to complete a no-brainer pop song, but I can't get it done anymore. I have to stay true to what I'm doing."

The existence of a legend, prior ot the Grammys, helped inspire Nicki in new ways, making her more focused than ever before. "Meeting Madonna changed my entire life. Working with Madonna changed my entire life. Rehearsing with Madonna for two weeks changed my entire life," Minaj professed. "I saw how much Madonna sacrificed and how much she rehearses and rehearses and rehearses and rehearses, and everyone there is like, 'We first got it.' But she was like, 'No, I really want you to understand this choreography in your sleep.'"

"This performance
was it and this may be the first performance that i am happy with in my entire career," Minaj said of her Super Bowl halftime performance, aside Madonna and M.I.A.

Minaj had some words
in regards to M.I.A.'s brash hand gesture throughout the halftime show, feeling at first "disappointment" beause of "respect tor Madonna."

"I'm a cuckoo lady too,
however i would not have the ability to do it off the strength of Madonna. There are fines that go into these things, and that i just thought, 'Oh my God. I hope they do not penalize Madonna.' Madonna knows the artist that M.I.A. is also it was her decision to accept risk wonderful us. We were kinda all firecrackers and she or he took that risk. She's done some crazy things becoming the icon that they is, and so i think this is exactly why she was able to forgive M.I.A.," she said. "I love M.I.A. and I don't wish to say something that is the wrong thing, but myself, I could not see myself doing the work, only for the respect for Madonna," Minaj admitted. "I wouldn't want any backlash to come back on Madonna."

On a more positive note, Minaj also discussed her new single, "Starships," off her sophomore album, "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" (April 3). Calling it a "Ryan Secrest-type of record," Nicki felt assured the track will interact with her fans. "I know people are gonna love it. It feels right. It just feels good. It makes people feel good and that's all I want," Nicki said.

Seacrest will debut "Starships" tomorrow, Tues. (Feb. 14),
and will be available on iTunes shortly after.
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